Do good, together.

What is ENSANI

With initiative through digital partnership between Yayasan Gemilang and TM Berhad, Ensani is a digital charity platform that provides volunteers with a one-stop-centre to do charity with simple steps.

We strive for a better future by applying the triple bottom line framework of Sustainability : People, Planet and Profit, by preserving the quality of life, preserving the Environment and help sustain the Economy.


A.C.T. Program


Our requirement for the upkeep of clear commitments, Quality, Obligation, Willingness and responsibility.


Our established, broad social connections, to gather sources and broadcast welfare/NGO/relief's information.


We trust on openness and honestly that lead to ongoing success and eventually exponential result.

What We Do?

ENSANI is an online One-Stop-Centre that works as a sustainable program aggregator for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and bodies that runs programs that require volunteers and contributions. Using the Sustainability triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit, ENSANI helps promote community and environmental programs to reach out to those who would want to participate and contribute to these programs.

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