Fund a 3Ducation Programme at School 2019

Creative Minds Education Volunteer Society


Established in 2012, Creative Minds is a Malaysian company whose founder, Muhammad Shafiq after his own personal experiences in engineering and education back in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Creative Minds started off as a robotic educational centre specialising in LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and LEGO Education products. Over the last 5 years, Creative Minds has grown from strength to strength, providing customized solutions for schools in all areas of the STEM curriculum through workshops for students and teachers, consultancy services to help schools adopt best practices to develop 21st century competencies in their students and supplying the latest in educational platforms, to more than 100 MOE schools in Malaysia as well as many private and international schools. While in 2019, we have successfully established our very first STEM Society, to carry out the mission to supplement and provide support to the community especially among youth such as schools students and university students to involve in meaningful activities. Through the society, we provide the platform for talented and passionate youth individuals to be part of the program that contributes to the betterment of education in Malaysia.

This year, 3Ducation Programme will be further enhanced with various collaboration and open-sourced to a wider range of stakeholders. Since 2016, 3Ducation had successfully reached out to more than 3000 students nationwide, to provide the skills and knowledge about one of the latest technology called 3D printing. 3Ducation Programme provides the beneficiaries with the unique experience of hands-on skills plus with creative potential among Malaysian students by thinking in 3-dimensional perspective and materialize their ideas into solid physical objects by 3D Printing. In “Fund a 3Ducation Programme at School”, beneficiaries will be able to have the opportunity to own an affordable 3D printer suitable for education purposes, and it also comes with training for the users.